int'l design competition, jalisco public library, guadalajara, mexico
No longer able to be contained in heavy manuscripts and fortress-like archives alone, information saturates every aspect of contemporary life. There is no doubt that the library is decidedly central to the intense dissemination of information that fuels this culture of knowledge.









jalisco public library


Like Jalisco's Colima volcano, bursting forth with liquid energy and an all consuming fire, knowledge cascades from the library, engulfing the surrounding region. Initially, it is a torrent of molten knowledge, descending on the city of Guadalajara; then with all the magic realism of a Juan Rolfo novel, the scene changes. The graceful, fluid form of a lone Mariachi dancer emerges, telling a tale of Jaliscan culture with movement as her language. The Jalisco Public Library acts as a physical embodiment of the power of knowledge and as a symbol of its dissemination into the Mexican culture.
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